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LiSC has a great interest in animals and technology, both how technology can improve the relationship between humans and animals, and how animals can inspire new ways of thinking about human computer interfaces.

Tagpuss is a collaborative project with the Animal Behaviour Group at the University of Lincoln. The project is aimed at gathering an understanding of human anthropomorphism towards cats, in order to better understand how people project human emotions onto animals.

Spotty was a project aimed at exploring dog-like behaviour in robots, and how the human-dog relationship can be used as a starting point for helping owners connect with robotic devices in the home.



Great stuff! Keep up the good work and I will try to arrange a visit in the new year to take a closer look at the work if that is possible. Animal – Computer Interaction (or at least that’s how I think of it) seems very promising. :-)

Please keep me posted!

Fernando Loizides

posted by Fernando Loizides / 11.10.10 - 10:03

Hey fernando – I only noticed this comment now. We would of course be delighted to have you visit and to chat about our work. Get in touch via email to make arrangements!


posted by Conor / 04.26.11 - 14:31

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