Vision Therapy Project on the Telly

As mentioned in previous blog posts, we are currently undertaking a project in collaboration with Prof. Tim Hodgson in the School of Psychology, University of Lincoln, and the WESC foundation – a specialist centre for visual impairment. This project is focused around developing a game that provides visual therapy. The intention is that through playing the game, participants’ functional vision should improve.

The project was featured on ITV West Country last week. From the ITV  Website:

Work being done with partially sighted youngsters at Exeter could help stroke victims as well as others with visual impairment around the world.

Some sight problems are caused by the brain scrambling the signal from the eyes, so a new computer game is being developed to help eyes and brains work better together.

Jonathan Waddington received a research grant to develop the game at the WESC Foundation at Exeter.

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