Jamie’s Reflection on CHI 2014

This year was my first opportunity to attend CHI (and visit Canada), so I was rather pleased when my work-in-progress paper/poster was accepted to the conference. The overall experience of the conference (apart from the delayed flight on the way home) was great. I spent most of the conference in the various social media related sessions, with various papers being presented that were of interest and/or related to my current work, but ventured out into other sessions for various presentations – including “Digitally Driven: How Location Based Services Impact the Work Practices of London Bus Drivers“, “Non-Finito Products” and Mark Blythe’s “Research through Design Fiction

The two Work-in-Progress poster presentation rotations, during the coffee breaks on Tuesday and Wednesday, were very useful for me. As I was presenting my poster on the Wednesday, I had both sessions on Tuesday to take a look at other people’s posters and talk to some of the presenters about their own work. Presenting my own work on Wednesday meant that I could talk to others about my own work, which is always a useful experience. Discussing my work, and the work of others, with new people helped me to develop my own explanation of where the work “fits” but also gave me a few ideas for further work, which is always a good thing!

So, CHI 2014 is over, time to prepare for the next conference….

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