LiSC @ CHI 2014

So it’chilogos time for CHI again! This year there is a total of seven of us from LiSC attending the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems which is in Toronto. We are involved in a whole bunch of stuff whilst we are there. Highlights include final-year UG student Laura Buttrick presenting the alt.CHI “Fifty Shades of CHI” paper, Kathrin is presenting two main track papers (here and here) on her PhD work at Saskatchewan, Ben and Conor are somehow presenting their “Punk HCI” paper (also at alt.CHI – probably not to be missed), Jamie and Conor have a WiP each (on social media and retail and visual rehabilitation for children respectively), Ben and Conor are co-organisers of the workshop on design fiction and Alternate Endings, Kwamena is an SV, and I’m in the last throes of the co-chairing of WiPs. If you are around at CHI ad fancy meeting up (i.e. having a beer!) just drop any of us a line or a tweet. Shaun.

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