Boats, beer, bikes, and HCI

Last week I was over in The Hague at the very polished and entertaining CHISparks14 conference presenting a full paper on our student energy research. Our paper, Experience Centered Design of Energy Interventions for Shared Student Accommodation,  was a qualitative piece of research that aimed to understand the perceptions and attitudes of students’ energy consumption habits in official student accommodation. The presentation went really well with plenty of questions, and a good deal of disbelief at the YOLO attitude of students in the context of their personal energy use. You can download a copy of the paper here,  the presentation is below if you want to have a look through.

There was a surprisingly large Lincoln contingent at the conference, with media colleagues Graham Cooper and James Field also attending to present their work. Somewhat shamefully Graham and James work downstairs from us at Lincoln and we had never clocked each other before, it took a trip to a different country to say hello. Incidentally Graham’s short paper, Digital Learning Environments and Collaborative Pedagogy: Media Culture 2020, was about collaboration. Hmmmm, think there is a lesson to be learnt here.

I also bumped into ex-Lincoln CS student Amy Guy who is  doing a PhD up in Edinburgh on the semantic web and open data. Other honorary Lincolnites I met were Sanne Verbann and Maureen Maureen Schoonheyt, who both spent time as interns at LiSC, I’m sure this wont be the last time I’ll see them!  All in all it got quite cosy with old and new Lincoln folk.





Now onto the part you are really waiting to read. No LiSC trip is complete without sampling the local hop produce. In this respect I visited both Amsterdam and The Hague to sample the goods,  itinerary was planned using the hallowed RateBeer website – a social media review site for beer and venues. With Ratebeer you can search any city for the best craft, and if on the mobile app, you are mere steps away from being guided down the right alleyway. Whilst in Amsterdam I whiled away an hour or two at the  In De Wildeman pub which had a fantastic selection of keg sporting local and international brews. Bar staff were really friendly and encouraged sampling of all they had – definitely one to have on your list and only a 10min walk from Amsterdam central station.


The Hague also stepped up with the excellent De Pass pub which had a great selection of keg and bottles, they also had a nice barge outside to sit and relax, yes a barge.

De Pass - The Hague

A great trip and hope to make it over to the next CHISparks conference :)


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