CSCW 2014 in Baltimore

CSCW waterfrontI just got back from CSCW2014 in Baltimore where I presented the interactive poster for our extended abstract Understanding in-situ social media use at music festivals which was a joint piece of work between researchers Sue Jamison-Powell (now back with LiSC!) and Jamie Mahoney, but also Lucy Bennett who does whole heaps of fantastic research on digital fandom, and is co-founder and co-chair of the UK Fan Studies Network. The poster at CSCW is just I hope a taster of lots more joint work with Lucy! This is the first time I’d been to CSCW and it was interesting to compare the whole experience with CHI. Quality of the papers was very high – and their relevance to LiSC was also in the main pretty strong too. It definitely lacked the novelty and excitement around the edges that is – for me – one of the big attractions of CHI however; this was touched upon in one or two panel sessions but the Town Hall meet was strangely (or perhaps unsurprisingly) quiet about this aspect. One thing that was pretty exciting: the view of Baltimore’s inner harbour from the conference hotel (posted by Shaun).

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