Cross-cultural study on requirements for a technology-led energy intervention




I am a Master’s student in Applied Cognitive and Media Science from the University of Duisburg-Essen and had the great opportunity to collaborate with LiSC for my Master’s research project. In my project I am investigating cross-cultural differences in requirements for engaging energy interventions for British and German students living in halls of residence. I spent the last 6 weeks at LiSC in Lincoln to analyse focus group data collected with students from the UK in the context of the Killawhats project. The data revealed interesting information about British students’ current usage of energy and their attitudes towards energy saving. I also learned about factors which could foster a responsible and resource-conserving usage of energy and found out about requirements for a cool, technology-led and socially-enabled energy intervention.

When I am back in Germany, I will conduct focus groups with German students and compare the British and German data in order to find out about possible differences in the students’ behaviours, attitudes and needs concerning the energy intervention. Results can give valuable insights into intercultural differences of design requirements for an engaging energy intervention which encourages more sustainable energy-use practices.

I had a really amazing time at LiSC and want to thank the whole team for their collaboration and great support!

-Katrin Ellice Heintze

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