The Dutch on English soil

This was my first internship abroad and for LiSC the second time to have a Human Technology intern from The Hague University for half a year. During my internship I assisted in 2 projects and did one by myself under the supervision of Shaun Lawson. As a result my name has been put on two papers. Which I think is really cool.

One paper is about the KillaWhats project, which I assisted Derek Foster and Conor Linehan on.  Though the project is still on going we have made some important design insights about changing the behaviour of the users in awareness of their accountability and responsible use of energy. I would like to continue to help them from The Netherlands.

The other one is the Man machine punchable interface that I worked on together with Duncan Rowland and Conor Linehan.  The results revealed physical expression is something natural and could be used as an interface but there were indications social conditioning suppresses this.

And my own project called On English soil about user experience and user- centered design in sustainable buildings, which I am still working on. Sustainability has been a theme in two of the projects and I have learned a lot more about it. By interacting with students who participated in the Killawhats project, visiting lectures on sustainable architecture, interviewing end-users of the Sparkhouse building and doing literature research.

This internship was a really good experience. In addition to the projects I worked on during my stay, I also had the opportunity to see more of England; London, Edinburgh and Manchester. And got to know a bit more about the culture in Great Britain, which is really diverse!

I want to say thanks to everyone for being so kind. I will never forget LiSC Christmas meal and hopefully we will meet again!

Cheers Maureen


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