KillaWhats update

With our Killawhats project having it’s own site ¬†for project reporting purposes over @, we thought it would be best to do an aggregated¬†update post here every month on how the project is progressing. We know what its like to try keep up with loads of different projects across different channels!

Bit of background first. Killawhats started a a few months ago in July and is funded by the JISC transformations programme under the ‘Improved Environmental Performance’ strand. Since July we have been busy creating the Killawhats site, coding the backend framework for the KillaWhats Facebook app, and working on a strategy for maximum student engagement. This resulted in collaborating with the national Student Swith Off campaign and looking at exciting things we can do together for better exposure and engagement, from the use of social media to knocking on students doors……. I’ve linked the most recent posts on Killawhats below:

Tighter UX for Killawhats Facebook app

KillaWhats meets @EcoPowerRanger Student Switch Off team




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