Talk by Dan O’Hara

Next Wednesday (6th June) LiSC and the School of Computer Science will host an invited talk by Dan O’Hara :-

“Emergence and the Synthetic Aesthetic” : Not all aesthetic forms are the product of human design. Skeuomorphs – stylistic forms that result from the process of functions becoming obsolete – are the memory capacity of nonorganic objects, but they emerge only through non-human agency. The current debate about synthetic aesthetics, from Apple’s interfaces to the ‘New Aesthetic’, considers skeuomorphs as mere ‘design choices’ that a particular designer can make, but this interpretation misses their real potential.  What an understanding of the concept permits is the possibility of predicting the forms that will emerge from specific configurations of media; and more importantly, of directing evolutionary technological processes to produce, new emergent forms – and indeed, new functions.

This talk considers the ways in which technologies are not just designed but also evolve, as an invitation to bring debate about the design of interfaces, and particularly those that represent an augmented reality, back to fundamental principles.

Time: 3.00pm on Wed 6th June. Place: Senior Common Room, Second Floor, Bridge House.

Dan is a philosopher of technology and literary historian. Find his homepage at or follow him on Twitter @skeuomorphology. All are welcome for what shoudl be a really interesting and provoking talk.


Will this talk be recorded?

posted by Luke Robert Mason / 06.02.12 - 02:13

We hadn’t planned on it Luke but I’ll see what we can do on wedensday.

posted by shaun / 06.04.12 - 12:35

[…] an extraordinary day at the Lincoln Social Computing Research Centre at the University of Lincoln on the 6th June, having been invited to talk about “Emergence […]

posted by Dan O'Hara » LiSC / 11.18.12 - 15:13

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