Fitsquare – a foursquare app that guides you towards a healthy, balanced lifestyle

fitsquare is a research project undertaken by Sam Smith (final year computer science student at the University of Lincoln) which sends users real-time messages in order to encourage them to check in to healthy venues on foursquare. They can also earn exclusive badges, compete against friends and track progress. Plus it’s completely free to participate!

Sam is currently looking for volunteer participants, anybody who uses foursquare on a regular basis is more than welcome to sign up. Participation in this research project involves connecting your foursquare account with fitsquare and you will also be expected to actively check-in on foursquare on a regular basis. You are also encouraged to take advantage of the fitsquare social, competition and tracking features made available from the web application.

According to the World Health Organisation, physical inactivity is the fourth highest risk factor for global mortality, accounting for 6% of deaths around the world. fitsquare attempts to increase physical activity for users of the foursquare social network by using persuasive technology to encourage positive behaviour change.

If you are interested in research in health in social media or persuasive technology then please do visit fitsquare to find out more about the research project and to get involved. Also if you have any questions about the project then please do email mail @ fitplusapp dot com

Here are some screenshots showing fitsquare and the main features in action…

Receive realtime persuasive messages via Twitter or email when you check in using foursquare. Great for keeping you motivated to exercise & stay healthy!

Race against your foursquare friends and other fitsquare users to climb to the top of the leaderboards. And be the first to earn exclusive fitsquare badges!

View your check-in history from your wall, log your progress and send messages to your friends. Comment, like and dislike wall posts to let your friends know what you think of their check-ins!

Track your progress with detailed line graphs, bar charts and pie charts. Find out how healthy your check-ins are.

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