My first and last blog post

Hi! I am Sanne Verbaan, a third year Human Technology student from the Netherlands. I have been an intern at LiSC for the last 5 months and today is my last day. So hi and bye!

Most of you who read this will not know what Human Technology is. Human Technology deals with all kinds of human-technology interaction and tries to enhance user-friendly interfaces. I will eventually become a ‘soft’ engineer, mainly interested in human factors and behaviour, but with enough technical education to be able to communicate with developers/designers. I’ve been taught from basic usability studies to broad investigations on the societal demands on technological innovations. The focus is on ICT, building environment and product design. As an HT-engineer I know that the situations in which technicians design a product, service or interface are pretty complex. At the end of my study I will not only know how the end users think, but also how the designers think and how those minds can be brought together.

During my time at LiSC I assisted in the ENACT, Eat,Cook,Grow and KillaWhatts project. In the ENACT project I worked together with Shaun Lawson, Conor Linehan, Sue Jamison-Powell and Andy Garbett. The goal of this project is to set up a new way of Computerized Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for people suffering from insomnia.My work in the ENACT project involved the set up of the usability testing for the mobile phone application. The usability trials are still running at the moment.

In Eat,Cook,Grow I worked together with Shaun Lawson and Jaz Choi from the Queensland University in Australia. Eat,Cook,Grow is a project on sustainable food. The main goal of the is toraise people’s awareness of healthy and ecological food options with nutritional data and educational information. Shaun and I were in charge of recruiting participants for the website I8Dat and the focus group. Together with Jaz we had a really interesting focus group, and the analyses showed lots of usable data.When I am back in The Hague, I will run the I8Dat trial in The Netherlands!

Killawhats is a project on energy usage in student courts on the Lincoln University Campus. The goal of the project is to reduce the amount of energy students use by introducing the students of various courts with a Facebook application that monitors the energy usage per court.On this project I worked together with Derek Foster. Originally I was going to be in charge of the recruitment and the focus group, but the project got postponed.

I also worked on a literature review oncognitive behavioral therapy for people suffering from posttraumatic stress syndrome after sexual abuse and what the possibilities and requirements are to set up an online group cognitive behavioral therapy.

I want to thank everyone in LiSC, I had a really great time and would love to come back when I finish Human Technology.

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