Organisational Change for Sustainability Workshop

As a researcher on our sustainablity project – Electro Magnates – I have always been pro-active in looking for potential collaboration opportunities with other universities doing similar work to our own in the sustainability field, particularly when parallels of behaviour change and technology are present. At a recent CABOT energy workshop in Bristol which Shaun and I  attended, we met some great people from both academic and industry backgrounds with a keen interest in energy use demand, covering both the residential and commercial sectors.

Of particular note were the folks from Sustain , a carbon reduction company who specialise in reducing energy consumption in organisations and who have a partnership with Bristol University. During discussion at the workshop with Rachel Freeman, a Research Engineer at Sustain and also based at Bristol University, we found that hers and our own energy work at Lincoln had many parallels with research direction and goals. In light of this we are jointly organising a workshop to investigate the theme of ‘Organisational Change for Sustainability’. So far we have had a good level of interest and it promises to be an interesting day. The workshop is scheduled to run on Thursday 8th December 10am-4pm at Bristol University, more information available here. If you would like to attend the workshop or would like more information then please contact Rachel Freeman at or Derek Foster at


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