Feckr! The Game for Closet Sociopaths at CHI2011

Oh crap, here we go again!

Feckr is an Android application that allows you to secretly “tag” people with messages. Tags are anonymous, permanent and public – every Feckr player can see all the tags for people around them. Unless they also play Feckr, your victims will never know what you really think of them.

The only problem: Feckr is scattershot – when you create a new tag, it gets applied to everyone nearby, whether you mean it or not.

One of our favourite uses of Feckr is as a sort of “rude radar”. If you open Feckr and walk around an area, the app updates nearby tags LIVE, so you can see how tags change as you walk between different groups of people. It works especially well at larger social events like conferences or festivals, since you will often encounter the same people and have a greater chance of seeing more tags.

Feckr is available for FREE for Android devices – Either search on the market, open this link on your device, or scan the QR code below to download and start playing.

If you are attending CHI 2011 you can use Feckr to enhance your conference experience! As the week goes on, use Feckr to tag fellow conference attendees and to find out what other Feckr users think about the people around you.

Feckr is part of our research into playfulness and mischief in HCI – we all have frustrations when in social situations but social norms prevent us from doing anything about them. Feckr provides a secret shared outlet for these frustrations in a playful and cheeky way.

Visit the Feckr.me to find out more information on Feckr and to download the game.

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