Bluetooth – Quietly Ubiquitous

Last year we had a discussion over the use of Bluetooth technologies and how we could potentially utilise them to create context aware mobile applications including games and sensor-ware. Current and emerging sensor technologies are always of interest at LiSC in their potential to enable new experiences for end users and can assist in supporting lifestyle choices. A quick check revealed that much work has already been done in investigating the proliferation and ubiquitiness of Bluetooth enabled devices, see Lavelle et al (2007) here and Kostakos et al here.

However, being the inquisitive folks that we are, we installed our own Bluetooth scanner in a residential area in Sheffield to give us an idea on how popular Bluetooth enabled devices were in the area. We didn’t expect a great deal of devices to be found but after only 3 months (Feb – May 2010) we had picked up 13785 unique devices across 20 categories. Bluetooth appears to have become quietly ubiquitous in the scanned area for a myriad of uses from car entertainment systems to mobile printers. It certainly gave our group food for thought and we couldn’t help but think there may be life yet in teh’Bluetooth for innovative studies.


Don’t forget the Airbus!

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