Journal Club 04.02.2011 – Facebook Usage, ENACT

This week our discussion focused on social media regarding topics such as; motivation, structure and impacts of usage. The discussion of Facebook usage was in aid of the ENACT project which aims to study usage of social networking sites in order to improve the uptake of computerised cognitive behavioural therapy. The initial review paper (Students’ and teachers’ use of Facebook) gave a brief overview of current research into Facebook usage in an educational setting concerning topics such as student Facebook usage, profile information disclosure and students’ attitudes towards Facebook.

Interestingly Facebook usage was found to have a detrimental effect on users that were high consumers of information. One suggestion we had to combat this effect was to track the Facebook usage of users in order to determine those users who were consuming large amounts. Using this information it would then be possible to prompt the user into producing and incorporating themselves within their social network.

In the Older adults’ perceptions paper it was unsurprising to discover that this age group associated technology with distrust and therefore preferred to offer emotional support to other users with more established mediums such as face to face and telephones. Although the paper did highlight the fact that there are older users out there providing drawing from their own experiences in order to support to others.

Amazingly cakes were oversupplied this week, there may have to be a national cull in times to come.

Reviewed Papers

[pdf] Social Network Activity and Social Well-Being

[pdf] College students’ social networking experiences on Facebook

[pdf] Students’ and teachers’ use of Facebook

[pdf] Older adults’ perceptions and experiences of online social support

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