HEFCE LGM Conference – Electro-Magnates

Shaun and I recently attended the HEFCE LGM 2011 Conference in London at the stately Royal Society of Medicine buildings. At the event we presented our LGM funded Electro-Magnates project, participated in a Q & A panel, carried out a poster session and took part in workshops. The poster can be viewed here and the presentation here. Many other LGM funded projects were presented at various phases of development, the dissemination of which gave us a useful insight into the diverse range of projects the LGM element of HEFCE will fund. Altogether it turned it to be a busy but informative day with much interest from other delegates in our project.

Some interesting projects were presented, particularly the aptly named Carbon Brainprint project being run by Cranfield University. The project looks at the research contributions universities make across the public and private sector in reducing emissions. This is the type of project that LiSC would be well suited to in a collaborative partnership with our new engineering department when it opens.


Shaun on Q & A panel, slightly pasty but on form

Despite a much compressed trip we still managed to sample some Indian cuisine in Euston’s Drummond Rd which plays host to at least a dozen Indian restaurants and cafes in a short 100m strip. Unfortunately, despite the chicken chilli with green chillies being branded ‘extra hot’, it had a rather lacklustre kick to it which even a Bombay Badboy could best. We also chanced upon a great real ale house, The Euston Tap, the twin counterpart of the northern Sheffield Tap which is well worth a visit with not a single lager-shandy-tops in sight.

Upon leaving the restaurant we spotted a full rack of Boris Bikes in a distinctly unused state. This reminded me of the Pedal-Mania RewiredState project designed to spur on the even dispersal of the bikes to other locations and to promote fitness. However, I can’t imagine jumping on one of them after a curry and a few bottles of fizzy Mongoose beer.

Unused full rack of Boris Bikes in Euston

Fizzy Mongoose Indian beer


As soon as I saw the percentage of the post dedicated to the food, I knew Derek would be the author…

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