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Attention Cat Lovers!

The Lincoln Social Computing (LiSC) Research Centre, in collaboration with the University of Lincoln Animal Behaviour, Cognition and Welfare Research Centre, have created TAGPUSS, a web project that is
investigating how people interpret the emotions of cats. We are inviting you to contribute by tagging cat photographs – simply click here and follow the instructions. Each picture tagged will support the research so even sparing just a few seconds would be helpful. Anyone can help and there is no need for any special skills. The website is free, easy to use, and is currently available to everyone.

This application forms a part of ongoing research conducted by LiSC into positive uses of online social media. Your responses and usage data will be stored anonymously – it will not be possible to identify which data came from which user – and will be not be used for any other purposes except for this specific research. We will not record any information other than your usage of the application, unless if we contact you at a later date and specifically ask for it.

The images on tagPuss have gratefully been donated to support the scientific study of cat behaviours. Images subject to individual copyrights. For more information contact If you wish to have more information about the study or the wider research agenda then please contact Derek Foster, **, who is the lead researcher on this project.

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