Journal Club 21st May – OMG volcano LOL!1

Jamie Wardman led an interesting discussion on Crisis Informatics and Emergency Responses to Terrorist Events. The papers discussed covered the topic of ‘crisis informatics’ and in particular the issue of
social networking and response to crisis events. The papers discussed
are generally aimed at analysing behaviour on Twitter surrounding
natural disasters, but there are other simimlar applications that deal with shootings and similar events. The papers discussed are:

Pass It On?: Retweeting in Mass Emergency – Starbird et al 2010
Chatter on the Red: What Hazards Threat Reveals about the Social Life of Microblogged Information – starbird et al, 2010
Twitter Adoption and Use in Mass Convergence and Emergency Events – Hughes et al, 2009

we also had a very nice tiramisu from marks and sparks!

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