Friday 28th – Dogs, cats and video games

Last friday we gave our research centre ‘coffee and cake’ discussion over to the topic of “dogs, cats and video games”. Because of the topic, we opened this discussion up to a wider group than normal, including Duncan Rowland from the Mixed Reality Lab at Nottingham and Daniel Mills and Sarah Ellis from Biological Sciences.

Since Daniel, Duncan and Shaun have all been talking about this topic for a good while then intention of the session was: how do we go about getting research on this topic started?

To kick things off I have attached three papers – one a very recent one from ACM CHI 2010 by Chad Wingrave – a few of us saw this presentation which was excellent. The second is a paper by Jim Young from Pervasive 07 about an electronic cat play park and the third an overview of inter-species computer –meditated interaction from alt CHI in 2009.

The Lemon Meringue Pie was excellent!


I love the cake reviews, keep doing them!
cheers for doing the writing Conor!

posted by Ben / 06.02.10 - 11:15

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