Journal Club Meeting 19th of March – Building on the Tagliatelle idea

This friday’s meeting was probably not as productive as the previous one, so we’re going to try harder to control the creativity in future! The topic discussed was our photographic food diary-based healthier eating application called Tagliatelle. We have a work-in-progress paper on this topic accepted at the upcoming CHI2010 conference.

Discussions were focused on the difficulties that we have found in designing the system. Indeed, there are a number of challenges that face the project that cover a large number of the hot topics in HCI and social computing today. The challenges include motivating people to take pictures of daily activities, motivating people to tag online photographs with useful information, mining collections of tags for useful nutritional information, and presenting information in a way that is useful, or likely to change behaviour.

We also discussed the usefulness of the tagliatelle concept for helping people make choices over behaviours other than dietary intake. For instance, the field of sustainability appears to be in vogue right now and a project like tagliatelle may prove useful in helping people make choices rearding the sustainability of their food choices. We intend to pursue this idea in the coming weeks.

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