First Meeting of the journal club – 12th march 2010 – What is Blowtooth?

The first meeting was essentially a trial run of the journal club idea – and it seemed to be quite an interesting and useful exercise. The topic under discussion was an introspective one – we decided to take a critical look at a paper that we recently published, along with the reviews it attracted in order to see if we could figure out how to move forward with similar work.

The paper itself is based on our pervasive airport security game ‘Blowtooth’ and has recently been accepted to the alt.chi track of chi 2010 – the worlds leading HCI conference. The paper itself had drawn very interesting reviews that implied how the game is interesting – but they didn’t agree on why. Some suggested that it is an example of critical game design, others – surveillance art and others simply as an interesting example of pervasive games design.

Discussions on friday focused on how the game – like a lot of computer games – runs counter to traditional thinking in HCI – its appeal is based on making the user more anxious, rather than less anxious. We liked this as a theme and have decided to work on improvements to the original blowtooth game that can help us investigate it further. We also intend to design further game-based pervasive applications that will examine the idea of computers that deliberately make you more anxious. We’ll keep the blog updated as this work progresses.

Next weeks session will be similar – we are looking at a paper that has been accepted to CHI and we will discuss how best to move forward with this research, based on relevant stuff we have read.

screenshot of blowtooth game

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