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We are delighted to have a strong representation at CHI 2010, with five separate pieces of work that have been accepted to various tracks of the conference. CHI 2010 takes place from April 10th – 15th in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. CHI (ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems) is the premier international conference for the field of human-computer interaction. CHI 2010 looks outward to the human experience of computing in the world. “We are HCI” challenges our community to embrace the diversity of HCI in the world and to exclaim our commitment as a profession to empower people from all walks of life.

Ben will present a main conference track paper on social network analysis entitled “Improving Social Game Engagement on Facebook through Enhanced Socio-Contextual Information.” We will present two papers at the alt.chi track of the conference. The first of these examines pervasive gaming in high security environments and is based around an initial evaluation of the Blowtooth game (see The second of our alt.chi papers deals with the possible advantages of analysing feedback delivered by persuasive applications in a way that is influenced by the findings of behavioural science. This paper is entitled “There’s a Monster in My Kitchen: Using Aversive Feedback to Motivate Behaviour Change.”

The two remaining contributions are Work-in-Progress poster presentations. The first of these presents a social tagging-based methodology for determining content of food photographs, while the second, presented by Derek Foster, details the results of a pilot study of an application that combines the use of pedometer data and social networks to motivate users to increase the amount of exercise.

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