PASION Fruit available to play free online!

The latest social game developed by LiSC as part of the PASION Project is now available in an open public trial:

Go to to play, for free.

We are studying the social interactions of players in social games to get an insight into how social communication is changed when mediated by technology.

PASION Fruit is a game where players maintain fruit gardens and compete to collect the most diverse range of fruit.
However, certain fruit can only be found in certain countries, so while in the UK you can easily find Apples and Pears, for Lemons and Grapes you will need to travel to Italy. Sending fruit a long way has a negative impact in terms of CO2 generated so you must balance diversity with environmental costs!
Exchanging fruit with other players is via gifts, so you must be careful to choose appropriate fruit gifts to the right players in order to get a good gift in return.
The game is free and open to the public. It can be played with a modern web browser. You can also optionally use your Facebook account to log in.
For more information and to explore the game without commitment, please visit the site at:
Since the game is part of a scientific experiment, trial coordinators will contact players directly with questionnaires via email after the trial is complete in February.
Please feel free to pass on this invitation to any colleagues and friends to which you feel the game may be of interest. For more information, please contact Ben Kirman ( or Shaun Lawson (
PASION Fruit has been developed by the Lincoln Social Computing Research Centre (LiSC) within the Faculty of Media, Humanities & Technology as part of the PASION project. PASION (Psychologically Augmented Social Interactions Over Networks) is a major European project involving the University of Lincoln and 17 other partner organisations that is investigating the social aspects of communication that is mediated by technology.

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