8th International Conference on Entertainment Computing

The 8th International Conference on Entertainment Computing (ICEC) takes place in Paris from 3-5th September 2009. ICEC is the longest established and most prestigious conference in the field of entertainment computing and an international forum for the exchange of experience and knowledge amongst researchers and developers in the field of entertainment computing.

Ben Kirman is presenting a paper entitled “Hardcore Classi cation: Identifying Play Styles in Social Games using Network Analysis.”

Abstract – In the social network of a web-based online game, all players are not equal. Through network analysis, we show that the community of players in a online social game is an example of a scale free small world network and that the growth of the player-base obeys a power law. The community is centred around a minority group of “hardcore” players who de fine the social environment for the game, and without whom the social network would collapse. Methods are discussed for identifying this critically important subset of players automatically through analysing social behaviours within the game.

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