Future and Reality of Games Conference (F.R.O.G.) 2009

3rd Vienna Games Conference
Future and Reality of Games (F.R.O.G.) 2009
“Exploring the Edge of Gaming”
Vienna, Austria, Friday 25 to Sunday 27 September 2009

Vienna’s annual Games Conference FROG brings together leading game studies researchers, game designers, players, and education professionals from around the world. The main objective of FROG 09 is to explore the edge of gaming and discuss insights into how to reach beyond the limits of theory and practice of game play.

LiSC are contributing to two sessions at this event. Ben Kirman is presenting a paper on “Gaming on the Edge of Good Taste: Playful Misconduct in Social Games” on Friday 25th September,

Conor Linehan is presenting “A behavioural framework for designing educational computer games” on Saturday 26th.

Abstract – Research has indicated that computer games can be innovative and powerful tools for education. Combining psychological research and games design principles offers a framework for developing educational games that promote learning while maintaining high motivation of the players. However, there has yet to be consensus on the most effective method of combining psychological research with games design principles. The current paper proposes that behavioural teaching methodologies already resemble game structures in some respects, and thus may be ideally suited to inform the design of educational computer games. Indeed, designing games based on behavioural teaching principles would have the reciprocal benefit of providing a medium through which these highly successful teaching programmes can be rolled out on a much larger scale than is currently possible.

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